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WebSphere Commerce Integrations Add-ons

The SellerCloud platform is aimed to manage and orchestrate all your online inventory and distribution while providing real-time reports and shipping information. The inventory management application is programmed around a client interface dashboard which can be linked to an array of online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. The whole point of SellerCloud is to make it much easier to sell on multiple channels. Most of the online businesses are not interested in having multiple dashboards to access product details and sync all of these details across multiple platforms.

ChannelAdvisor provides technology and services that enable leading retailers and manufactures to sell their products across multiple online marketplaces, comparison shopping engines and search engines such as Google and Yahoo. ChannelAdvisor provides cloud-based eCommerce solutions that enable retailers to integrate, manage and optimize their sales activities. With ChannelAdvisor, you have access to one of the best order consolidation and marketing platforms.


TaxJar connects with the online marketplaces and shopping carts on which you sell, creates return-ready sales tax reports for every state, and will even file your sale tax returns for you. TaxJar’s Expected Sales Tax Due reports allow sellers to determine if you’re collecting the right amount of sales tax, and their Amazon badges help Amazon FBA Sellers quickly and easily determine where they have sales tax nexus. With TaxJar, WCS can automatically update your orders with the exact sales tax you should collect from every state and send your orders to TaxJar for accurate sales tax filing with taxing authorities nationwide.

Power review
Generate more reviews by removing the friction. Collect 8x more Reviews with the In-Mail Form. With our exclusive one-step review process, customers can leave reviews in their inbox. Ratings and Reviews is one of the easy yet powerful tool a commerce website must have in order to have an account of customer’s feedback. It gives ratings and reviews about a particular product or service which are being offered, giving you a clear picture of the customer’s psyche and improvement needed for your products or services. The services are easily pluggable as the services are independent and there would be a little customization in the front end to include the user interface for Ratings and Reviews

With the PayPal Express Checkout for IBM Websphere, there’s no need to devote valuable development resources to create a custom PayPal integration. Simply install and configure the free extension. It contains updated code needed for installation, making integration with PayPal and Websphere quick and easy. PayPal gives people better ways to connect to their money and to each other, helping them send money without sharing financial information and with the flexibility to pay using their PayPal account balances, bank accounts, PayPal Credit and credit cards.

Watson Content Hub
Watson Content Hub is a headless CMS to power your digital experiences. It is easy for marketers and powerful for developers. The Watson Content Hub gives business owners the power to create iconic, robust and consistent brand experiences using cloud-based, cognitive content management capabilities. Marketing and merchandising professionals can quickly select content to create relevant offers delivered across multiple channels, such as mobile, web-based or email, including those delivered by IBM Marketing Cloud and IBM Commerce on Cloud.

UPS offers many options in addition to flexible shipping to empower your online business. We have technology tools for business systems, visibility for you and your customers, plus simplified returns to keep customers satisfied. With UPS, it’s easy to find an e-commerce solution to work for you.

Google address suggestion
Facilitate faster checkout and weed out bad addresses. Our Google Address Suggestion widget for WCS brings great value to both B2C and B2B customers. With great ease, the widget helps validate customer addresses right at the entry point for Registration as well as Checkout forms. Accurate addresses mean better efficiency in delivery chain, thereby reducing shipment returns. Furthermore, the Auto Suggest feature also significantly enhances the user experience and saves shoppers time during Registration and Checkout.

The CyberSource payment gateway for retailers provides with the power of CyberSource over a very secure channel without demanding the retailer’s eCommerce system to handle credit card data. Secure Acceptance allows merchants to store HTML order forms on their web servers, allowing the customer to easily enter their payment data into the fields. These payment fields are hosted by CyberSource, therefore all payment data entered bypasses your network entirely. The captured data is transmitted directly from the customer’s browser to CyberSource for processing.

Clutch provides advanced loyalty marketing and customer intelligence solutions to help premier brands identify, understand, and motivate their customers. We have created a Websphere Commerce add-on for integrating Websphere Commerce with Clutch which can be easily pluggable and make the rewards system up and running in your system instantly.


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