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What’s new in WebSphere Commerce 7.0?


In today’s market, customers want to make a quick, smart and an easy decision to make a purchase. The new WebSphere Commerce 7.0 is designed to deliver a consistent, customer-centric multi cross-channel buying experience. For example, using mobile commerce a customer can use the store locator from the cell-phone to locate the store and do the purchase directly from the store. Using Social commerce a customer can interact with other users to find more information of the product and make a knowledgeable decision about their purchase. New features such as Cross channel precision marketing engine, Dialog Builder can automate one to one marketing based on preference and behavior across various sales channels.

In this free webinar we will take a look on these new features and how they can help to increase your sales and help create new customers.

Course:What’s new in WebSphere Commerce 7.0?
Duration:2 Hour
Timings:2:00 PM (CST) Central Standard Time.


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