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Websphere Commerce Content management Solution – Workspaces


Workspaces are a new feature in WebSphere Commerce V6 and enhanced in V7. Workspaces provide a complete content management business process model by adding the ability to establish a workflow and then preview, approve, and publish the work. For example you can have three workspaces in the workspace environment. One workspace is for the changes in the Winter Catalog and Promotions, the second workspace is for Daily Catalog changes and the third workspace is for emergency changes. Different teams and workflows can be assigned to these workspaces which can preview and publish their work on the production environment.

In this free webinar, we will go over how WebSphere Commerce workspace environment provides the ability for business users to control and manage site changes including catalog and merchandising content, campaign information, promotions targeted recommendations, and site segmentation.

Course:Websphere Commerce Content management Solution – Workspaces
Duration:2 Hour
Timings:2:00 PM (CST) Central Standard Time.


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