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Solr Search

Solr is a new dimension in enterprise search, a platform which is driving the navigation and search part of many of the large websites.This Apache Lucene based platform is equipped with powerful search features such as faceted search, geospatial search, dynamic clustering, full-text search, database integration, hit highlighting, and document handling such as MS Excel, Word etc.

Like other open source platforms, Solr also offers exceptional benefits to the user as well as the site owner. Encompassed with a CMS with no limits, it can be easily integrated with many large and complex CMS such as Escenic, Sitevision, EPiServer, Sitecore, Liferay and SharePoint, which makes it compatible and flexible to be used as both for a public website or for a local website.

Technical Features:
• Extraction of metadata by integration of Apache UIMA
• Configurable and advanced text analysis
• Capability of full-text search along with advance options.
• Capable of handling high volume of web traffic
• Standardized open interfaces – JSON, XML and HTTP
• Web based administration panel
• Monitor server statistics and logginginformation
• Flexible XML configuration
• Accessing Query Language of the LSB (Lucene Search Library) via extensions
• Fast incremental updates and index replication
• JSON, XML, CSV/delimited-text, and binary update formats
• Easy and secure fetching of data from XML files and database
• Data can be fetched both from local and web sources

Even though it’s a complex system to understand, but on the other hand it’s quite user friendly platform due to its features like:
• Spellcheck and auto correction
• Synonyms and thesaurus
• Recognition of the language
• Word Suggestions while typing
• Filter search option such as categories, content type, sections, metadata etc
• Relevant & on-the-fly search results based on user

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