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One Solution Multiple Prospects

Participate without Limits

Combining the solution data feed with over 100 + shopping channels across the world with a click of a button.

Boost Shopping Outcomes

GoDataFeed makes the best use of your feed for several engines, classifies the merchandises and verifies that your listings become operational on the comparison engine.

Feed Updates

Making sure of order tracking and synching aspects, where the changes are spontaneously considered in the feed immediately with GoOrderSync.

Detailed and Powerful Analytics

GoDataFeed enables you to drill-down on your conversions, clicks and sales by a dashboard connection.


Through GoDataFeed dashboard, you can find out the amount you are using in the campaigns and make informed decisions on investments.

Performance Notifications

Allow GoDataFeed watch your campaigns and keep them prosperous by notifying you or possibly even stopping the products from the feed when we meet a particular performance benchmark.

Open-Ended & Customizable

  • The GoDataFeed can be prepared to be compatible with other stores as well.
  • GoDataFeed gets data from source feeds, e-commerce platforms, databases and even from site creeps.
  • View and alter source fields mapping into the feed fields places and inner database.
  • You can now effortlessly change any field in the feed with rules that can be set in advance in an elegant user-interface.
  • Merge GoDataFeed concurrently with your existing applications and third-party tools. Monitor the results using the analytics and metrics tools that you use today.

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